Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Change is FINALLY here :)

So here's the deal. it has been a very bitter and tough time of my life where i am finally giving up on certain people and realisations of my diminishing importance in people lives has hit me and hit me hard. But as they say life has to move on and so will mine
My 21st birthday just passed me and yes I have brought in changes and contemplating a few more to. Right now I have realised that not all people change, and for the ones that do, you should change to. Being sweet has never paid me off so i will bid my sweetness a goodbye and be a tough soul. I love my friends but from now on i should be very selective about people who i allow into my life.
Perhaps what gotten the worst out of me is my broken heart and I AM NOT GOING TO MAKE ANY EFFORTS TO MEND IT. I believe the only way to be tough is to understand that you are still hurting.
As i write this with a burning sensation ( chill,its just indigestion :P) I hope people understand that I am no push over and that I like everyone deserve some care, some affection and a whole lot of respect too.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Here's a truth possibly everybody knows... GIRLS LOVE SHOPPING. If your're a girl you look at this post and shrug and say "nah! Not me" Get real!!! The sheer joy of spending cash you did not earn on things you probably don't really need is an unparalleled feeling *sighs*
Everytime I see a sale my heart melts the same way it does whenever I see a handsome guy (rarity, but so are sales :P ). The smell of new stuff with the pricing stickers still intact gives me a satisfaction that only it can.
WHY we shop is a very debated question... Here are the 10 reasons I have
10. I'm upset
9. It's not my money :P
8. When things get old, its not good to pain them... better to let them go
7. That bitch has it, I should have a better one
6. The mannequins are haunted and have convincing powers (yes my article IS inspired by the movie)
5. I need to pass my time
4. My closet needs to make new friends
3. It's a gift... Oh she won't like this, maybe i'll take it
2. Economy needs me
1. Chocolates are the other alternative but who wants to get fat


Monday, January 31, 2011


5 Worst gifts I ever got
1. An empty refill
2. A dead fish (freshly taken out of the aquarium; i had done the same too but being on the receiving end does not feel good)
3. 3 day old half eaten eclairs
4. A pre-owned book (the person did not even bother to strike out his name from the book)
5. Piece of my own hair

5 things I regret
1. Being friends with Arijita Biswas
2. My first ever date with a SOMEBODY (Yes I still will not name him)
3. Smoking
4. Trying to dye my cat
5. Almost setting the house on fire

5 things I wish I never had seen
1. My father's corpse
2. Mrs Lata Bannerjee
3. Social network (yes I hated it- BITE ME)
4. Tashan
5. Arijita Biswas

5 things I love about life
1. My family
2. God
3. Friends
4. Cricket
5. The Internet

5 things I am proud of

1. My mom and sis
2. My writing abilities
3. My sarcasm
4. My bad jokes
5. My cooking

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The 10 worst compliments (or so they were meant to be) I ever received.

10. Oh you look so pretty now...earlier you used to look so creepy
9. Looks like your nose finally grew
8. I've always felt plump girls look better
7. How come you did not eat like you normally do (referring to a huge pile of food)
6. I understood you came from the thump
5. O...you cooked this...and i'm still alive
4. Ya your mom told me you reached on time...Congrats who gifted the watch?
3. Yo look so matured.. you look 26
2. You sound like a parrot sweetheart

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Of love songs, love and falling in love

It’s gonna be Love
It’s gonna be great
It’s gonna be more then I can take
It’s gonna be free
It’s gonna be real
It’s gonna change everything I feel
Ok!! As much as I love this song it is very impractical. Not only this song but so many of them that put all the wrong notions about "LOVE" in our heads. For, starters we forget the universality of the word itself. I LOVE YOU does not always have to mean I am attracted to so much so to share my whole precious life with a bimbo like you. Sheesh!!!
I hate bring to your notice that the songs that you've been calling "YOUR" song was just written and sung by somebody who is clueless about your existence. So it's definitely not "YOUR" song. It may seem somebody wrote it for you but well sorry NO-ONE across the seven seas or even seven blocks cares a rat's arse about your existence.
And now coming to people who say "I DON'T BELIEVE IN LOVE", trust me I know how much you cried watching 'A walk to remember'. What's so wrong about being in love or wanting to be in love? Does'nt make you a desperate ass as long as you don't go upto almost every tom,dick or harry/ tomasin, dicky or harriet (sorry for the lameness but bear it).

And lastly YOU DO NOT FALL IN LOVE AGAIN. You fall in love just once. If it did not work-out in you and your partner's lifetime, it was just an eye-opener to what is NOT love. Love is pure and just happens that one time. Love is a term in itself. It does not mean the same as sacrifice, compromise, physical disabilities and all that blah people say it's about.

Fall in love but always remember 3 things
1. Life is not some cheesy romantic movie
2. There is a reason you "fall" in Love... It's never thought about or premeditated
3. Please DO NOT judge your partner on the basis of a love song!!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

10 quotes that I don't agree with

1. Live without regrets
2. Everything happens for a reason
3. Smiling at the face of disaster is a symbol of mental sanity
4. Honesty is the best policy
5. You see what you want to see
6. Love is blind
7. Crying is a symbol of losing a battle
8. Idle mind is a devil's workshop
9. Where there is a will there's a way
10. Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.

Monday, September 27, 2010

"Weight" but please don't watch

Well the tittle of this post gives away the content. I know this problem is faced by a lot of my friends. Wherever you go it's like God is pointing it out to you "YOU ARE FAT". Be it the sexy sirens of bollywood or the average girl next door, they all seem slimmer. Its like the slim are getting slimmer and fat are getting fatter. If the world never cared about how we look why the hell do we have larger than life posters of weight reduction programmes everywhere.

I am proud to say today I am on the healthier side. Yes, not all the pretty dresses fit me; Yes, I don't like asking for "L" sized clothes but atleast I don't feel deprived from food and fun. There is no harm in being a little flabby as long as you do not become obese. The woman body was always imagined as curvaceous NOT linear. Is being thinny skinny really worth it?

Some people are born thin and live thin I do not have any grouse against them because that is how they were made. But I do hate people obsessing over looking stick thin. Though even I go to the gym, I do not go there to be stick thin , I go there to lose the excess and remain healthy. I have understood that God did not want me to be thin and I have made my peace with it.

The funny thing about my life is, I used to be stick thin till I was 14 and then I just grew. I heard so many comments about it that it still makes me cringe. But then I looked at myself at the mirror one day and realise that there was more to me than just my fatty appearance. I have made a promise to myself to be fit and healthy. Even though the Shilpa Shetty body would never be mine, my creativity would never be her's either. Quite a fair deal there.


Here's to life
Suhasini :)