Monday, January 31, 2011


5 Worst gifts I ever got
1. An empty refill
2. A dead fish (freshly taken out of the aquarium; i had done the same too but being on the receiving end does not feel good)
3. 3 day old half eaten eclairs
4. A pre-owned book (the person did not even bother to strike out his name from the book)
5. Piece of my own hair

5 things I regret
1. Being friends with Arijita Biswas
2. My first ever date with a SOMEBODY (Yes I still will not name him)
3. Smoking
4. Trying to dye my cat
5. Almost setting the house on fire

5 things I wish I never had seen
1. My father's corpse
2. Mrs Lata Bannerjee
3. Social network (yes I hated it- BITE ME)
4. Tashan
5. Arijita Biswas

5 things I love about life
1. My family
2. God
3. Friends
4. Cricket
5. The Internet

5 things I am proud of

1. My mom and sis
2. My writing abilities
3. My sarcasm
4. My bad jokes
5. My cooking


  1. felt sorry for that 1st of "5 things i wish i never saw"

  2. its ok Satwik... Life goes on!!!

  3. i cud add 10 more to "5 things i am proud of" :)